Brand Name Generator

Get hundreds of cool and unique brand names absolutely free! Just enter a word in the field and click Generate!


How it works

A good brand name makes all the difference and can be one of the most valuable assets. It captures the true essence of what differentiates a unique brand from a mediocre one.

This automatically puts a lot of pressure on people when choosing the proper brand name for their business or organization.

This tool generates brand names by keyword. It works only in English, and you can’t enter more than one word.

Think of a word that would best describe your business or product. It should put the message you’re trying to communicate across as effectively as possible and be relevant to your market.

Then, enter this word in the input field and press “Generate”. A list of suggested names will appear in a table.

You’ll see a star to the right of each one. Click on any you like. They will be saved in a little box above the table labeled “Saved Ideas”.

If you click on “Download”, the page will create a .txt file, which you can immediately download. It is a simple file with a list of your brand names of choice. It’s completely safe — you don’t need to worry about malware.

There is a button “Generate More” beneath this first table with suggestions. The number of items that can be generated is infinite. It’s impossible not to find the best option for your brand.

Best of all, using our service doesn’t cost a thing. It will save you a lot of time and help you create a memorable and interesting brand name.